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Third Party Medicine Manufacturer in India

Welcome to Aeron Remedies, where excellence meets pharmaceutical innovation. As a leading Third Party Medicine Manufacturer in India, we take pride in crafting top-quality pharmaceutical products that adhere to the highest industry standards. 

We specialize in manufacturing and exporting a diverse range of pharmaceutical solutions, including APIs, Excipients, Standardized Herbal Extracts, Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, and Allopathic Medicine. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, evident in our adherence to ISO certification standards, ensuring that every product meets the stringent quality requirements set by the industry.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, equipped with critical compound reaction capabilities, allowing us to ensure timely production and delivery of top-notch products. Our in-house quality control procedures enable us to closely monitor and maintain the exceptional quality of our medicines, providing you with the assurance of reliability and a foundation for a long-term business relationship.

We have successfully established a robust international presence, particularly in various Asian countries, exporting our high-quality products to Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, Iran, Yemen, Uganda, Bangladesh, and more.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is accredited with regulatory approvals such as WHO and GMP, a testament to our sincerity and commitment to delivering quality medicines. By incorporating high-end technologies and global practices, we ensure that our products consistently meet international standards. Choose Aeron Remedies for pharmaceutical solutions that prioritize quality, reliability, and excellence.

Process of Third Party pharma manufacturing in 5 steps

Embark on the journey of Third Party pharmaceutical manufacturing with Aeron Remedies, your trusted partner in crafting quality medicines. As a leading Third Party Medicine Manufacturer in India, we ensure a seamless and efficient process to meet your pharmaceutical needs.

1. Place Your Order with Confidence: Begin the process by finalizing the order quantity, a crucial step in Third Party pharmaceutical manufacturing. We work closely with you to determine the right quantity for your products. Our goal is to cater to your specific requirements and ensure a successful collaboration.

 2. Transparent Quotation Process: Once the order details are set, our team provides a detailed quotation for the contract manufacturing process. This includes the selection of salt names, product compositions, budget details, pricing, and other essential information. We believe in transparency, and our quotation also outlines any pending dues for the manufacturing process.

3. Streamlined Documentation Requirements: To set up the manufacturing unit, certain documents are necessary. We guide you through the process of obtaining a drug license and GST number, ensuring compliance with state and central government regulations. Our team ensures that all required documents, such as NON-RESEMBLANCE CERTIFICATE, PAN card, or Adhar card, are for inspection officials during visits.

4. Quality Packaging for Product Sustainability: The packaging and design of your products are pivotal for sustainability. After completing the documentation process, we focus on designing and packaging your products. Once the product design is chosen, we proceed with large-scale printing for the final packaging, ensuring a cohesive and appealing presentation.

5. Hassle-Free Doorstep Delivery: We pride ourselves on delivering 100% quality-oriented products with strict quality screening. Our diligent team of laboratory experts oversees every aspect of the product. Whether you have your own transportation or not, we offer a reliable transportation service to various locations. Expect your order to be delivered within 3–7 working days, depending on the location, with thorough product inspections to guarantee satisfaction.

We simplify the Third Party pharmaceutical manufacturing process, turning your concepts into successful and innovative businesses. Join us on a journey that is characterized by dependability, transparency, and quality.


Merits of Third Party Pharma Manufacturing with Us

Discover the perks of choosing Third Party pharmaceutical manufacturing with us! It brings a heap of advantages, making your pharmaceutical journey smooth and efficient. Here's a simple breakdown:

1. Focus on Growth: Third Party manufacturing allows you to concentrate on sales and marketing, letting us handle the manufacturing hassles.

2. Wider Reach with Quality Products: Reach a broader audience effortlessly by offering high-quality products sourced from reliable Third Party manufacturers.

3. Mutual Benefits: It's a win-win! Companies can manufacture the same products from different sources, and we can produce similar items for different brands.

4. Comprehensive Support: We, as Third Party manufacturers, not only deliver quality pharmaceutical products but also provide valuable marketing and promotional tools.

Let the ease of Third Party manufacturing enhance your business operations. Our services not only simplify your production processes but also open doors to innovative medicines, boosting efficiency and maximizing overall benefits. Trust us to streamline your pharmaceutical journey!

How We Excel in Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services?

For years, we have been meeting the needs of our clients with unmatched expertise in Third Party pharma manufacturing. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which ensure timely delivery of medicines across the country.

Here's how we ensure the best service:

1. Secure Storage: Our spacious storage unit safely houses large-scale medicines, prioritizing quality and safety.

2. Efficient Transportation: A smoothly functioning transportation facility ensures the prompt delivery of medicines nationwide.

3. Consistent Stock Availability: We maintain a steady stock, fostering a strong client base by ensuring product availability at all times.

4. Quality Packaging: Recognizing the importance of packaging, we use top-notch materials to uphold the quality of our medicines.

As one of India's fastest-growing pharma companies, we are dedicated to providing Third Party pharma manufacturers with products that guarantee quality, affordability, and accessibility.

Quality Product Range

We, with our state-of-the-art machinery and advanced technology, offer a quality-oriented range of pharmacological medications across various pharma segments. Our ISO-approved product range ensures excellence and reliability in every pharmaceutical manufacturing endeavor.

• Tablets

• Gel

• Syrup

• Capsules

• Softgel Capsules

• Suspensions

• Sachet

Elevate your business with Aeron Remedies, your trusted partner for top-notch Third Party Medicine Manufacturing in India. Contact us for comprehensive information on our manufacturing services and product details. Let's build success together. Reach out to us today.

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A process where a company, not the original manufacturer, produces pharmaceutical products for another brand. It allows flexibility and expertise to be utilized for product development and production.
We specialize in crafting a diverse range, including tablets, gel, syrup, capsules, softgel capsules, suspensions, and sachets, ensuring a comprehensive solution for various medical needs.
We work closely with you to determine the right quantity for your specific needs, whether it's tablets, capsules, syrups, or other pharmaceutical products.
We guide you through obtaining necessary documents like a drug license and GST number, ensuring compliance with government regulations, and facilitating a streamlined manufacturing process.
Depending on the location, our reliable transportation ensures delivery within 3–7 working days. Our diligent team conducts thorough product inspections to guarantee satisfaction upon delivery.