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Third Party Manufacturing Company in India

In this ever-evolving world of pharmaceuticals, Third Party manufacturing and private labeling are totally revolutionary. To free up time for Pharma companies to focus on marketing, sales, and customer relations, third-party manufacturers offer end-to-end services such as product development, formulation, production, packaging, and private labeling manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical Companies can maximize resource utilization and decrease costs by outsourcing their manufacturing processes to specialists. Let’s explore more about third-party manufacturing in India.

 Third Party Manufacturing Company in India                                Third Party Manufacturing Company in India                           Third Party Manufacturing Company in India

 Third Party Manufacturing Company in India                                Third Party Manufacturing Company in India                           Third Party Manufacturing Company in India

                                                                                                Third Party Manufacturing Company in India

Aeron Remedies is a leading Third Party Manufacturing Company in India. We're proud to be ISO-certified and have seven different product segments that we manufacture. All our manufacturing plants meet the high standards set by WHO and have GMP certification.

We offer a one-stop solution for your pharmaceutical needs, including leadership and consultancy for pharma marketing, innovative packaging, and packing materials. Quality assurance is our priority, and we conduct clinical trials and lab tests to ensure top-notch products.

Our large-scale production unit enables us to provide a wide range of drugs, including tablets, gels, syrups, capsules, soft gel capsules, suspensions, and sachets. We use the finest raw materials and cutting-edge tools to create high-quality products.

Our team of professionals and experts follows international industry norms, and we have strong distribution channels across India, ensuring on-time delivery. We're among the top pharma manufacturers in India and take great care in packaging our products.

We're completely focused on researching, making, supplying, and trading different kinds of medicine in solid and liquid forms, like pills, capsules, powders, shots, and liquid solutions. We're also able to create custom products to match your particular requirements.

If you're looking for integrated manufacturing, we're here to help. as your trusted partner as a third party manufacturing company in India.

Strenuously Growing The Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is on the rise, growing at a rate of over 15% annually. This growth is not only good for the industry but also for the Indian economy. India is a major player, being the largest producer of generic drugs and exporting them worldwide. With this speedy growth, it's expected that India will soon join the top 10 global markets. If you're thinking of starting a franchise company, teaming up with a versatile third party manufacturing company in India. is a smart move. They can help you tap into this booming industry.

Quality Pharmaceutical Products List At The Top 

Our commitment has always been to provide high-quality drug formulations. We offer a wide range of over 300 drug formulations that cater to various markets and therapeutic segments in the pharmaceutical industry. We keep a close eye on consumer demand and prioritize patient well-being. Our products are not only effective but also safe and reliable, with DCGI approval and FSSAI certification. We offer a variety of pharmaceutical products, including tablets, capsules, soft gels, injectables, powders, and sachets. Our dedication is to deliver quality and ensure the well-being of our associates.


• Gel

• Syrup


• Softgel Capsules

• Suspension

• Sachets

Merits Of Choosing The Best Third Party Manufacturing Company In India

We're a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India, dedicated to producing top-quality products within GMP-WHO-approved integrated manufacturing facilities. We're proud to have over 100 associates partnering with us for our manufacturing services.

Here are some key features of our third-party manufacturing company:

1. Advanced Equipment: Our manufacturing units are not only approved by GMP-WHO authorities but also equipped with cutting-edge technologies. This ensures that we produce the best quality products.

2. Operational Services: We offer a range of services, including on-time delivery and support in sales and marketing. This allows you to focus on enhancing your marketing strategies and ideas while we take care of production.

3. International Recognition: Our third-party manufacturing processes are designed meticulously, and the products we manufacture receive global recognition and appreciation worldwide.

4. Budget-Friendly Business Growth: Partnering with a third-party manufacturing company is an excellent way to expand your business without heavy investments. We are committed to creating high-quality products that support your business's growth.

Quality Assurance By Us For Pharma Manufacturing

We are committed to delivering 100% quality assurance to our valued customers. Our company adheres to international quality standards to ensure that our products meet the highest quality benchmarks. Quality is our foremost issue, and we take it extremely seriously.

Here's how we ensure quality:

• Our products undergo strict screening based on various parameters.

• Our quality management team meticulously supervises each production step.

• Factors like pH value, side effects, effectiveness, freshness, and purity are closely examined as key elements during the screening process.

How Is Contract Manufacturing Beneficial?

Contract manufacturing or Third-party manufacturing is beneficial in a number of ways:

• Reduce Overhead Expenses

First and foremost, it requires a low investment compared to starting a pharmaceutical company from scratch. This means you can start your entrepreneurial journey without breaking the bank.

• Experience

Many contract manufacturers have worked in the pharma business for many years, guaranteeing both product quality and adherence to all applicable regulations.

• Flexibility

If you work with a contract manufacturer, you can adjust the volume of your output in response to fluctuations in the market.

• Saves Time

With production out of the way, you can concentrate on things like advertising and customer service.

• Advanced Technologies

Many companies that specialize in contract manufacturing have access to cutting-edge manufacturing technology that can help you design unique goods.

How To Choose the Right Third Party Manufacturer?

The following criteria should be used to select the best third-party manufacturing company in India:

• Expertise

Find a manufacturer that has a history of success in the market for pharma products.

• Assurance of Quality

Ensure that the manufacturer follows strict industry standards and government regulations.

• Production Capacity

Evaluate the manufacturer's capabilities in terms of production volume, equipment, and technological proficiency to ensure they can fulfill your requirements.

• Timey Delivery

Examine the manufacturer's production and delivery schedules closely to ensure seamless alignment with your business objectives and critical timelines

• Effective Communication

Establish transparent and efficient communication channels. Choose a manufacturer known for its responsiveness and collaborative approach.

If you talk about Aeron Remedies manufacturing, we assure you will get the best. We have the latest and greatest technologies that make our production process super high-tech. We follow quality assurance protocols, these facilities make sure that every single product we make for our valuable clients should be perfect. This dedication to quality sets us apart from others.

Third Party Manufacturing Company in India

Reliable & Secure Logistics Service For Third Party Manufacturing Company in India

In these challenging times, the impact of the coronavirus has been felt across industries. However, we've partnered with one of the best logistics services in India, known for their unwavering commitment and responsibility. They take extensive measures to ensure the safety and sanitation of products, delivering them to your location promptly. Thanks to our logistics team, we're able to reach out to our associates and customers all across the nation. When you choose our services and products, you can trust that we won't let you down.

• Batch Charges: This includes the cost of quality control, consumables, and local transportation.

• Price of packaging supplies

• Manufacturing Charges

• Securities/Transit Insurance

• Tax (GST is applicable)

• In-process loss for raw material, packaging material, etc.

• Transit Insurance

• CST (applicable as per the latest Central Government Exemption Notification)

• Outward Transportation Please note that for subsequent orders, charges may be adjusted as packaging material requirements reduce.

What Else Makes Us Unique Is Discussed Below:

• Diverse Product Range
We take pride that we have a diverse product range, encompassing a wide array of pharmaceutical formulations. From generic medicines to specialized formulations, we have the expertise to cater to various therapeutic areas. Additionally, our niche specializations in areas like pharmaceuticals showcase our depth of knowledge and capabilities.

• Customized Solutions
One of our hallmarks is our ability to provide customized solutions for pharmaceutical companies. We understand that each client may have unique requirements, and we excel in tailoring formulations to meet specific needs. Whether it's adjusting batch sizes or fine-tuning formulations, we offer a level of flexibility.

• Private labeling Facility
We offer for Private Label Manufacturing. Our experts are well-versed in the intricacies of Private labeling requirements, ensuring that every product meets the necessary regulatory standards. Additionally, we understand the importance of branding and packaging, offering solutions that not only comply with regulations but also enhance brand visibility.

• Sustainable Practices
We are not only dedicated to quality but also to sustainability. We have implemented green initiatives and eco-friendly processes throughout our manufacturing operations. This includes initiatives for waste reduction and responsible waste management. By prioritizing sustainability, we demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Whether it’s formulations, Private Labeling manufacturing, or quality assurance Aeron Remedies is your trusted partner for providing top-notch private label and third-party manufacturing solutions.

Third Party Manufacturing Company

Documents Required For Pharma Manufacturing Services

We maintain a high level of professionalism in our manufacturing services. Those interested in partnering with us must provide the following documents:

• Completely filled out and signed contract manufacturing agreement

• Non-resemblance Certificate

• Marketing/Corporate Office Address

• Company Profile with Signatures from Directors or Partners (along with Aadhar Card and PAN Card Labels)

• Copy of the Resolution for the Authorized Signatory to the Deal

• Drug License

• Logo and brand values (if applicable)

Tonality and designs (if applicable) Additionally, for those looking for a comprehensive package, we also offer branding and design services. This includes assistance with product development, production, and packaging solutions for your business.

You can join hands with Aeron Remedies as your trusted Third Party Manufacturing Company in India for Pharmaceuticals. 

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A third party manufacturing company is a business that specializes in manufacturing products on behalf of other companies, which are known as clients or brand owners.
In the third party manufacturing process, a client provides the product specifications and requirements to the manufacturing company. The third party manufacturer then produces the goods, often including packaging and labeling, as per the client's instructions.
The benefits of outsourcing manufacturing to a third party company include cost savings, focus on core competencies, scalability, access to specialized expertise, and reduced operational risks.
Companies should consider factors such as the manufacturing facility's capabilities, quality control measures, regulatory compliance, production capacity, reliability, and cost competitiveness when selecting a third party manufacturing partner in India.
Yes, regulatory compliance is crucial in third party manufacturing in India. The manufacturing facility must adhere to industry-specific regulations, certifications, and quality standards.