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How To Start A PCD Pharma Company?

Thinking of starting a PCD Pharma Franchise in India, you need to think of a few things in your mind before starting it. Through this blog post, we will provide you with some initial steps to start a successful company. Starting a pharma company may sound like an intimidating task at first but when you are fully aware of how to start a PCD Pharma Company, it becomes all easy with the right steps and procedures.

Let’s dig in for more details.

Steps to Start a PCD Pharma Company

1. Research & Planning

• Do a thorough market research, identifying competitors and trends.

• Choose a specific healing segment or product range.

2. Regulatory Compliance

• Register your company legally and get the license.

• Complete GST registration.

3. Location & Premises

• Choose a suitable location for your office and storage space.

• Make sure that Good Distribution Practice rules are followed.

4. Selecting Products

• Decide on the pharmaceutical products to distribute.

• Partner with reputable manufacturers, considering third-party or in-house manufacturing.

5. Build a Team

Hire a skilled sales team and support staff for administration and logistics.

6. Promotion & Marketing

• Develop a brand name and logo.

• Put together marketing tools and make an online presence.

7. Distribution Network

• Appoint distributors in different regions.

• Implement efficient inventory management systems.

8. Documentation & Record-keeping

• Maintain careful records of stock, sales, and financial transactions.

• Adhere to all regulatory requirements.

9. Quality Control

• Use quality control measures to ensure compliance with standards.

• Conduct regular audits of distribution processes.

10. Financial Planning

• Develop a comprehensive budget covering all aspects of the business.

• Monitor and manage finances effectively.

11. Adherence to Ethics & Standards

• Follow ethical business practices and maintain transparency.

• Ensure compliance with industry standards.

12. Scale & Diversify

• Consider expanding product range or entering new geographical areas.

• Explore opportunities for diversification within the pharmaceutical sector.

13. Stay Informed

• Keep updated on industry regulations and compliance standards.

• Talk with experts for better insights.


Starting your own PCD Pharma Franchise in India needs careful consideration of these key points to ensure a successful and compliant venture. Join hands with AERON REMEDIES for the top and trusted PCD services for better growth opportunities. 

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